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How long does postpartum depression last? (mother’s only)

Does any mother out there know how long postpartum depression last? I have a 15 month old baby/toddler and a month after i had him i felt myself going through postpartum depression, and now i’m having that same feeling. Is that normal for me to still fill like this?


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Trying to wean my baby off the breast need help.

Are there any breastfeeding mom or any moms out there that breastfed their babies that can help me to wean my baby off the breast. I been trying and it seems like nothing is working. Need a few tips that might help me with weaning?


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Potty Training Time!

My son is 12 months old and i been trying to potty train him for 2 months now. Do you think it’s too early to potty train? I never gave up and today he urinated in his potty. Now he can’t stay off his potty. How old was your child when you potty trained them?

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Weaning 101

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