Babies are so curious.

10 Jan

Babies are so curious. They get into everything and try to touch anything they can get their hands onto. Why is this?

Babies learn by exploring. They learn what their world is about by feeling textures, tasting objects and even throwing things. Have you ever noticed how some babies seem even more curious than others? I’ve watched a baby examine one object for a good 10 minutes, trying to discern absolutely everything he could about that one toy. Feeling it, tasting it, turning it over and over again.

As adults, we take things for granted … things that we already know. But a baby 6 months old is a prime example of a learning machine and this is when they are in full learning mode.

So, if your baby starts getting into absolutely everything and seems too curious for his own good, remember that he is learning at a rapid rate and is almost voracious about it. Some babies go about learning in a more subtle way but they are definitley processing all that they see, feel and taste.

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