Alcohol and Breastfeeding

02 Jan

Mothers who breastfeed are receiving conflicting advice, on and off the Internet, about whether it’s okay for them to consume alcohol without affecting their babies. What I found was a wide range of opinions, ranging from not drinking at all until the baby is weaned, to waiting three hours after drinking before breastfeeding and almost everything in between.

“Alcohol clears the breast milk in about the same amount of time it takes to clear the blood stream. If you are planning to drink heavily (more than 2 drinks), you may want to give it 6-8 hours to clear your system,” Although these experts disagree about the length of time between drinking and breastfeeding, one thing they all agree about is that mothers who drink while breastfeeding should only do so moderately and “moderate” means no more than two drinks per day.

Heavy drinkers or alcoholics who breastfeed should “abstain from drinking alcohol until their babies are weaned” the Recovery Emporium suggests. Alcohol readily enters breast milk and heavy alcohol consumption has been shown to reduce lactation.

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